Here’s Some Tips To Consider When You Go Mattress Shopping

The best place to buy a mattress might sound like a walk in the park, or a walk in the mattress factory, but the problem is that there are actually many factors to consider when you go mattress shopping. To help you find the best mattress for you, pay attention to these crucial tips for mattress shopping.

1. Consider The Mattress Type First

One of the first tips to follow when you are mattress shopping is to pay attention to the specific type of mattress in question. Generally speaking, there are innerspring, adjustable air, and foam mattresses.

Inner spring mattresses are those which are sold the most, and they have steel coils on the inside. These tend to be fairly comfortable at first, but springs can wear out pretty fast. With that being said, these kinds of mattresses tend to be fairly inexpensive and can be found virtually anywhere.

If you want something more comfortable, something that doesn’t transfer energy as much, and something that helps relieve pain, you might want to consider a foam mattress. However, those made of foam do tend to be quite expensive and exclusive.

Most people who don’t travel around will not go for an inflatable mattress, but the fact that they can be adjusted to a specific firmness is pretty neat. At any rate, the type of mattress you get will affect the quality of your sleep in many different ways, so do not rush into any one decision too fast.

2. Go A Size Larger

One thing to look at when you are mattress shopping is the size of the mattress in question. If you are a single person, you might be tempted to go for a single size mattress, or if you are two people sleeping together, you might be tempted to go for a double or full size. However, generally speaking, this can be a bit of a mistake.

Remember folks, you probably toss and turn a bit in your sleep. You don’t want to turn over and fall out of bed and you don’t want to elbow your loved one in the face either. When it comes down to it, getting one mattress size larger than you think you need just from looking at mattresses can make a big difference.

Simply put, you want to have enough room to sleep comfortably. Yes, if you already have an old box frame or bed frame, you might not want to go a size larger than the mattress you previously had, mainly due to cost and spatial issues, but if possible, it is definitely recommended to do so.

3. Know Your Warranties

When you are mattress shopping, something that you want to be very clear on is the warranty you get. Mattresses are expensive and they are meant to last a long time. If you get a multi-thousand dollar mattress, you want it to last for 10 or 20 years.

After all, this is not the kind of purchase you want to make every couple of years. Therefore, when you are mattress shopping, you need to get one with a good warranty, if possible a total warranty that covers everything.

Pay attention to limited warranties because these can be quite tricky and are often meant to fool customers into thinking that they are totally covered when that is not always the case. Also, the more money you spend on your mattress, the better it should be. It is reasonable to assume that big box retailers and specialty stores will provide you with better warranties than small storefronts and mom & pop shops.

Mattress Shopping Tips To Follow

Of course, there are some other tips you should follow when mattress shopping, but none so important as the ones we have discussed above. Besides those main tips, you should also see if you can lay down in the mattress first before you buy it, compare prices from different retailers, and don’t rush into any buying decision too quickly.

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